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Welcome to Little Feet Soccer.

Little Feet Soccer is Mark Bickham. Trainer, coach, mentor, Mark specializes in team training for soccer, in particular, the technical fundamentals and preparing teams for LPTs (League Placement Tournaments).

Based in Seattle, Washington, Mark coaches all ages, however, he prefers working with younger players, as it is easier to develop good habits at a young age. Skill is the foundation that will help a players confidence. U-13 and below is the time to develop individual technical skills, while players in U-14 and above benefit more from developing "team" tactics.


Mark played 6 seasons professionally. He currently holds a USSF C License and a Brazilian D License. He has coached for approximately 12 years. Little Feet Soccer was established in 1995.

Philosophy of Success:

Successful training is not measured by a number of wins and losses but sbobet online. Mark measures his coaching success by the tangkas net number of kids that successfully reach their own goals of playing Varsity soccer for their High School or ultimately playing at a college level.

Availability and Terms

Hours are negotiable as are terms. Mark is willing to try and work with anyone needing help.

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Links to Related Websites:

Washington State Youth Soccer Association

Manchester United (Mark's favorite team)

US Soccer Federation

Pegasus Girls U-12 Soccer Team (trained by Mark)

Heat Football Club (trained by Mark)

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Contact Information

Little Feet Soccer

Office: 206-933-1671
Office Hours: 9 am to 4 pm
Cell Phone: 206-612-FEET or 206-612-3338

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.littlefeetsoccer.com